Trying to be positive.

They like barns in CT, that much I know. The picture is Cannondale's office. I guess construction begins this summer, so I don't know what it will look like when that's done.

I've done a lot of research this weekend, and I think I actually found a place or two that I like that I can afford. The tough part is that I'm picky. I don't like old buildings, especially old apartment buildings. I like newer apartment buildings that look like townhomes. Or, if I have to live in an old building, I want something with character...like a warehouse turned into studios or something like this...

This one is affordable, but it's in West Haven which would give me a pretty long commute...but I'd be close to Yale. But for right now I'd rather not commute too far because I'm afraid $4 gas is going to return in the near future.

And I want a washer/dryer in my apartment. No laundrymats for me...told you I'm picky.

So there's this place...

It's in Danbury and it's a lot like my place now. I would lose about 250 sq. ft and my underground parking, but I think I can afford it and it looks nice (although I'm concerned all the pictures online are of the pool, clubhouse and gym - I'd rather see the apartments). It's close to work - 5.5 miles - and close to Candlewood Lake and I think it's close to the train station but I'm not sure on that. Danbury is a town of 78,000. It's like Janesville. Everything is close because you can drive across town in 15 minutes.

That's the big negative for me. I want to move to a city bigger than Madison, and moving to Danbury would be a little like moving back to Janesville. But there are worse things out there. Danbury's crime rate is really low so that's something.

There are only about 2 or 3 more places I found that I like and I think I can afford. The tough part is that they each have one floor plan that I can afford so if it doesn't open up I don't know what I'll do. But I have time. Plenty of time.

And there's the Bethel Cycle/Tri club with 190+ members so I would have some people to train with. And I think their team kits look pretty nice so that's an incentive (a small incentive).

One of my worries was that CT wouldn't have much of a triathlon scene, but it looks there are quite a few events around there. The new Rev3 half ironman is in Middlebury, CT (sponsored by Cannondale) about 30 minutes from the Danbury/Bethel area. There are lots of sprint tris and olympic tris.

As I was doing some research on this a few weeks ago I came across a small series of running races in the area that are free and then I picked up Runner's World and there was an article on those races. Weird. Do you think it's a sign? Much like my new license plates that have NYC on them (instead of my ex-girlfriend's initials - that was weird too).

And I wouldn't be too far from the NYC marathon and the Boston Marathon and the Lake Placid Ironman....

...and the ocean. Gotta love the ocean.


As for training, here's the link to my run today if you're interested. It was so so. My speed was good, but I felt like crap so I don't know what to make of it.



Icarus Steve said...


I stumbled across this as I was searching for info on the Peanut Butter Duathlon. You're #1 on Google for that search. It sounds like you have an interesting/difficult choice to make. At least it's a choice.

Good luck with your decision.


Mike said...


Peanut Butter Duathlon is coming up. I'm hoping for better weather this year.