First century of the year

Yesterday, I rode my first century of the year and it was a tough one. I met Matt's group at 8:30am (still cold - mid 30s) for a 50 mile ride to New Glarus like last week....can't resist that Fat Cat coffee. Then Matt, Dave and I rode another 20 miles so they would end at 70. Then I was on my own.

It was a decent plan, but there was one flaw. I planned on maybe a 17.5 average speed. Since most of the group was doing 50 miles, they pushed the pace and we finished with an 18.5 average. Then Matt, Dave and I put in some hard work on our 20 miles and finished with an 18.6 average.

Then I was on my own, and getting pretty tired. The wind was brutal so Matt suggested I bike through the arb to help block the wind. That helped a lot. Then I turned around and headed out to Paoli with a tailwind so I was flying. At mile 92 I turned into the wind and it only took 3-4 miles for the wind to get the best of me. At mile 96, I hit the wall and was stuggling. My average speed was still at 18.6...then 18.5....then 18.4.

And that's where it finished. A great training ride, but I paid the price. Good thing next week is a recovery week.

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