A Crazy Crazy Legs

Last weekend was the April Du. It's a 2 mile trail run (hilly), followed by a 12 mile bike (hilly) followed by the same 2 mile trail run (still hilly). It was really fun. Lots of co-workers and friends there. I did well (2nd), but injured my hamstring by attacking the downhills too hard - that's how I tore my tendon 2 years ago.

So all week I've been in a lot of pain. I tried running Wednesday, and that was a big mistake because I made it worse. Thursday it was the worst - very painful. It hurt to touch it, so it hurt all day sitting in my chair at work. Friday was much better, but still far from 100%.

This morning was Crazy Legs, and I really wanted to run so I went out early this morning for a short run to see how it was and it didn't feel too bad. It hurt, but not so bad that I felt I couldn't run. So
I smothered the leg in Aspercreme, wrapped it for support and headed to the race.

The weather was brutal today - thunderstorms and heavy rain. It was my parent's first year walking Crazy Legs so I was hoping for better weather for them. I'll run in the rain so I don't mind that much, but walking in it has to suck.

Anyway, I had two goals. The lofty goal - break 30 minutes, and the realistic goal - 31 minutes. I started out at a 5:55 pace and felt great. I decided to back it down a tad at the 3/4 mile mark and finished the first mile in 6:04. The second mile has Observatory hill (this is when the heavy rains started), and I took it easy on the backside to protect my hamstring, so that mile was slower and I finished with an average pace of 6:14. I held that for a while and felt really good. I figured I'd pick up the pace toward the end and try to get back the time I lost on Observatory...not meant to be.

I faded....then faded some more....then faded a little more. I finished in 32 minutes. I missed both goals, but set a Crazy Legs PR so it's not a complete disappointment.

I find it frustrating because last year I weighed in 5 pounds lighter than I did this morning, and I pushed myself a lot harder during the race and suffered a lot more. I don't feel like I had the mental edge today. I lacked the strength and will power to push myself as hard as I did last year. I don't know if it was the hamstring or the weather or what the deal was, but I need to get that focus and determination back or this season may be full of disappointing results.

Unfortunately, I'll be in Connecticut next weekend so I can't race the Peanut Butter Duathlon this year (big disappointment), so now I'm focusing on the Beloit Biathlon. That's my next race. I hope the weather is nice.

My parents said they had a good time despite the rain so that was good.


bigmike600 said...

See you in Beloit Mike. I know you'll do well again like last year. I'm hoping the weather gets better. The rain sucked today. I would have much rather had sun.
Have a good time in CT.

Icarus Steve said...

I'm expecting a win in Beloit from you Mike.