Bike to Work Month & Peanut Butter Duathlon Results

May is bike to work month. We earn commuter bucks for biking to work, and to encourage us to ride to work this month commuter bucks have been tripled. That's right, tripled. That means that if I ride to work every day this month, I can get a free bike. Not a bad deal, huh?

Not a carbon bike or anything like that, but I will earn enough commuter bucks to buy a Schwinn Madison, which is our fixed gear bike. I kind of want a fixie, but I don't to buy one since it's not that high on my wish list. But for free...well, that's a different story. Plus, I rode the Madison for our 2008 catalog so it only makes since that I own one (that picture made the cover of our Japan catalog so I guess you could say I'm big in Japan). I've heard they have a tough time
keeping the Madison in stock so I hope they have one for me when I earn enough moola. Here's a pic....

Today is a rest day, but I biked the 4 miles each way to work. This was my first ride on my road bike in 2 weeks and it felt really good to get back on a road bike. Tri bikes are fast, but not as much fun as a road bike.

They posted the results of the Peanut Butter Duathlon, and as it turns out I did place in my age group. I forgot the top 3 don't qualify for age group awards since they get to take home some cold, hard cash. So I ended up 7th overall and 3rd in my age group. My official time was 1:08:14.

Age Group...

To all those who found my blog looking for results, thanks for checking out my blog and congrats on a good race. It was a tough, but fun day. It's great to hear they had a record turnout on a cold, rainy day. Official results are posted at www.onlineraceresults.com.


abby said...

are you trying to make toby jealous? he's already decided if we move to the states a madison is the bike he wants.

you get riding!

Anonymous said...

I was going to post a comment before I saw Abby's and she's right - damn straight I'm jealous! A Madison for free? Bastard.

Seriously though, what are they like to ride? From what I've read they are a bit on the weighty side - is that right? I'd really like to get one for a few reasons - 1. you can't get them here in the UK and I've never seen one, so it would be pretty cool to have the only one in London and 2. I'd really like to have a bike with track ends. My fixed gear bike is a conversion, so have horizontal front facing dropouts.

Can't you just ride to work, then home, then back to work in the morning and then in the evening ride home, back to work and then home again and get me one for free too? Just out of interest how much do they sell for?

Riding fixed is great fun, I think you'll enjoy it.