Thanksgiving weekend

We got our first snowfall of the season last week. Just a few inches, and most of it has melted already.

Thanksgiving was decent. Lots of food, family and more food. Friday we got to hang out with Abby and Toby the whole day, which was a lot of fun. We started out with some Red Robin and then hit some bike shops Toby could see if he could find some new tights. After that we met up with more friends and all headed out for some bowling.

I finally got some workouts in today. I started out with some swimming, and I finally found some more speed. I've been getting a little frustrated with my swim times lately. My shoulders have been getting tired when I swim and it seems like my times aren't improving even though my form is. Today was no exception....until my last set. When I started swimming I was kicking way too much and it was killing me. In the swim clinic I took, I was told I looked like I was riding my bike under water. So I started working on not kicking as much and it turns out I took it too far. I've barely been kicking and I think I'm doing too much work with my arms. So I kicked more on my last set and it was my fastest 1/4 mile ever. 7:37. That's a 1:41 100-yard pace, and it felt easy. I could've gone a little faster.

Then I got out for a ride. It was kind of cold and windy, but it was great to get some more miles in and avoid the trainer for another day. The forecast doesn't look so great so I'm not sure how much more outdoor riding I'm going to get in this year.

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