Ready to strike

I've never had an injury like this damn knee injury. I've done virtually no training for 3 weeks and there's no progress. I've been listening to the doc, doing my stretching, walking my hill...which by the way is in a bad neighborhood. Some co-workers told me I shouldn't walk there without a gun, but as Dennis pointed out, all the other hills are non-prescription hills. I was told to walk the hill at Elver Park. And I don't think the neighborhood is really that bad. Plus we bike through the worst neighborhood in town everyday and haven't had any issues yet...well there was the time a guy in a minivan took a swing at Stephen with a Swiffer mop but I didn't ride that day. I miss all the good stuff.

Anyway, I went swimming tonight and felt like crap. I was tired and my form was sloppy. I need to give up on this physical therapy rubbish and get back to training. It's more fun than walking hills in sketchy neighborhoods after dark.

When I raced motocross, I raced every weekend from March (sometimes Feb) into early November. Then I would ride until the snow fell. Inevitably, every winter I would get the itch and start looking at the Florida race schedule and start debating a drive down for the weekend. It's a lot of driving, but I always thought it would be worth it to get in some winter racing. And I had a friend who was willing to go with me so it would've been a lot of fun. I never went, but I was always tempted.

Triathlon is a little different. The race season is so short, and it feels like so long ago when I did my last tri. I found myself checking out the Florida race schedule over the weekend to see if anything is coming up.

I can't wait for summer...and winter hasn't even started yet. *sigh*

Enough about training, this is the best commercial on the tele...

I'm a hundred miles away son, ready to strike.

I probably shouldn't post this without Toby's permission, but I'm going to take the risk that he won't mind. He wrote this in an e-mail, and it's absolutely classic...

"Abby thinks you are just saying you like a bit of the Red Robin to wind her up and try and encourage me, i've insisted that, as a classy guy, you'd certainly enjoy a decent burger, especially when it comes with unlimited top-ups of fries, so which is it? i'm hoping i'm right, if not i think i might die a bit inside. I love red robin."

Has Abby been away from the States that long? Has she forgotten what America is all about? If there's anything Americans take seriously, it's food. And Red Robin is America's Gourmet Burgers. So there's no need to put yourself in a spot of bother. I do enjoy a bit of the Red Robin. Quite a bit.


Burrito Eater said...

Happy Birthday Wolf!!!

abby said...

well, heck. happy birthday mike.

we might just have to take you to this darn red robin for a birthday burger.