Planning 2013

I've been itching to do a season focused on short course racing since 2009, and with me not getting a Kona slot and  USAT recently announcing that Age Group Nationals will be in Milwaukee in 2013 and 2014,the timing is right to change directions.  So 2013 is all about Olympic distance racing with no Ironmans on the schedule.

For those unfamiliar, Olympic distance is a 1500m swim (.9 miles), 40K bike (24.8 miles) and a 10K run (6.2 miles).  For me, that means racing hard for 2-2.5 hours.  It also means I'll be able to race a lot more which I'm very excited about.  I love to race.  

I've been so focused on Ironman the past few years I didn't notice all the other options out there.  Planning 2013 began with research - Rev3, Age Group Nationals, 5150, Hy-Vee, Lifetime, Best of the U.S., etc.  Lots of big races out there to shoot for.

I haven't been this excited about a tri season since 2008.

My season isn't set in stone, but so far it looks like this:

3/30 -  Run The Bluegrass Half Marathon - Lexington, KY
4/27 -  Crazylegs Classic 8K - Madison, WI
5/5 -    Rev3 Olympic - Knoxville, TN
5/19 -  Beloit Duathlon - Beloit, WI
6/1 -    Lake Mills Sprint Triathlon - Lake Mills, WI
6/8 -    Capital View Olympic Triathlon  - Madison, WI 
6/23 -  Muskoka Olympic Triathlon (5150 Champs Qualifier) - Huntsville, ON Canada
7/6 -    Janesville Sprint Triathlon - Janesville, WI
7/14 -  Lifetime Fitness Olympic Triathlon - Minneapolis, MN
8/10 -  Age Group Nationals Olympic Triathlon- Milwaukee, WI
9/1 -    Hyvee Olympic Triathlon 5150 Championships - Des Moines, IA
10/13- Rev3 Half Ironman USAT Long Course Championships - Anderson, SC

My key races will be Age Group Nationals and the Hy-Vee race.  I'll also find a few more local races to fill my schedule and will do some of the MATTS time trials, some aquathons, 5Ks, etc.

Right now the tentative plan is to focus on Olympic distance this year switching to more of a half ironman focus next year finishing with a late-season Ironman.  I really liked the late season Ironman, but I don't see myself returning to Cozumel anytime soon so that leaves Florida, Arizona or Western Australia.  We'll see how this season goes first.  I may have so much fun I decide to stick with Olys and halfs.        




Glenn said...

That looks like a great schedule! Best of luck in 2013. I definitely like the approach of switching up the distance and focus to keep things fresh.

jenez_world said...

if you decide on western australia let me know as i can help you and courtney out with accommodation/transport etc. come ride with the kangaroos. and maybe have a session at swim smooth ?!

Mike said...

Thanks Glenn. Besides just being a fun change of pace, I'm hoping this makes me a better athlete in the long run. I'll be focusing more on speedwork so I'm hoping I can hang on to some of that speed when I go back to long course.

Mike said...

Will do, Jen. It most likely won't happen, but we haven't ruled it out. Courtney and I really want to visit both Australia and New Zealand someday, but we lean toward it just being a vacation (no race) or doing a marathon because it will be easier for us to get around and see the country without a bike to drag around. But you never know. It's tempting.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have a great plan. The Olympic distance racing sounds like a good option. I wish you much success with it and in the new year!

mark provenzano said...

Hi Mike good luck in 2013. The age group nationals in Milwaukee will be a great race. If I understand correctly an athlete must first qualify from racing that distance in a USAT 2012 qualifing race?

Triple Threat Triathlon said...

Excited for the USAT Champs in Milwaukee as well! Recently posted about the Regional Qualifiers