And so it begins...

Yesterday marked the first day of training for Ironman Hawaii.  The first day of training always feels like it should be a big, memorable day but it never is.  It's usually a pretty easy day and quite forgettable.  Yesterday was and wasn't.

The workouts planned were easy, but the weather made things difficult.  My lunch run was in a snowstorm trudging through several inches of snow with winds blowing making it cold and hard to see.  I've run in worse, but not much worse.  At my last job I had the bike path to run on and they do a great job plowing that so it was very rare that I had to run in several inches of snow.  Now I have to run on the street and they hadn't plowed so the snow was thick and slippery which made it very tough to run a decent pace.

After work I spent an hour in the pool.  I took quite a bit of time off from swimming and have been back in the water for about 2 weeks now.  My fitness is coming back, but I can tell I lost a lot of swim fitness.  I get tired pretty quickly, but that's expected when you take 3 months off.

Today is another easy lunch run and a short trainer ride after work.  It feels good to be back at it.

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