New Road Bike

Before starting my job, meaning before leaving the bike industry, I took advantage of my employee prices to buy one last bike.  This time, I upgraded my road bike and I'm really glad I did.  

I bought a Cannondale Supersix.  I wasn't able to get the one I wanted, so I bought a lower spec'd model and upgraded to the Red Group and sold the other components on ebay.  I also sold my old bike.  In the end, the new bike - new Red Group included - cost me about $500 out of pocket.  Not too shabby.

I also took the Shimano wheels that came on that bike and put a cheap powertap in them and those are my training wheels (still waiting on my race wheels) and I put my Reynolds wheels on my Supersix so I now have two powermeters ready to roll so I'm getting power data on every ride.

Pics of the new bike:

Upgrading was a great decision.  This bike is a lot stiffer than my old bike so I'm not losing as much power.  It also fits better so I'm more comfortable on long rides.

Now I just need my race wheels and I'm all set for the season.


Toby said...

I've read good things about the SRAM red stuff. It's not especially pretty, but I suppose that doesn't matter when you smashing it past someone.

The Cracknfail Six Carbon (105 equipped I think) recently won 2010 bike of the year in a big bike magazine over here, and I think yours is better than that, so it would seem you have got yourself a pretty decent bike there. Congratulations.

Mike said...

That's one nice looking bike :)

Ian said...

Sweet!! Ok, time to convince my wife that the 8 year old Giant can't cut it! :0)