Time Trials

The person on the back of that tandem has a disturbing dedication to aerodynamics.

I've been slacking lately on the blog. Nearly everyday I intend on getting caught up....and then it doesn't happen. Anyway, the other week ended up being a week of time trials. That wasn't
really planned, but that's how it worked out. I knew I had the first of 3 indoor time trials at SBR Coaching on Saturday, but I wasn't expecting time trials at masters class on Wednesday. The coach sprung them on us so I wasn't really prepared, but it was nice to do some time trials to see where my swim fitness is so I have some benchmarks to gauge progress off.

We warmed up, then swam a 500, 200, 100 and 50 yard time trial. Here are my times:

500 = 7:13

200 = 2:41
100 = 1:15
50 = :33

Those aren't great times, but they're good for me so I'm happy with where I'm at right now. I think masters is helping my swimming so I think that I'll get faster as masters class continues.

Saturday was the first of the SBR time trials - a one hour TT. I rode the flat course....

Last year they only had one one-hour TT and my average power was 276. I was hoping to match that this time, although I wasn't sure I could do that yet. I managed 272 so I wasn't too far off. TT #2 is in Feb so I'm hoping to step it up a bit and match or beat my power from last year.

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