Team Wolfstana

Le Tour has started which means...well...there goes July. I'll be watching a lot of TV in July. It looks like the stage is set for a good Tour, and hopefully no one gets busted for doping.

Once again, Pac Cycle has a fantasy league going. Last year we only had a couple of guys participating and so far this year we're already up to 10 teams in our league.

My team for Stage 1:


As for training, it's going well. I had a bit of a setback being sick for a week with food poisoning, but now I'm feeling well and putting in some of my best workouts ever. I have the Spirit of Racing half ironman coming up in 2 weeks so it's a good time to get in some good work. I'm feeling confident that it's going to go well and I'm going to put in a good time. I'm hoping for sub 4:45, which I think is realistic but it will require me to have a very good day.


Quote of the day: Jens Voigt doesn't know where you live, but he knows where you're going to die.

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