Levi is tearing it up at the Tour of California...again. Right now he's well on his way to his third victory.

The coverage of the Tour this year has been phenomenal. I've been logging on to the website during the day at work and listening to the coverage while I work. Luckily, with my new job, I work on spreadsheets all day so I can keep up with work while listening. Not a bad deal.

This is Lance's second tour now since his return to cycling and he's doing really well. Sixth in the GC currently. I'm becoming a Lance fan, although I'm pulling for Levi to win the Tour.

Right after the prologue, someone stole Lance's TT bike. Probably not the smartest decision since it's a one-of-a-kind bike. Not easy to sell, especially since they were offering a reward....

It was eventually returned, before the Solvang TT too. And they added a decal to it....

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