The Slippery Slope of the Jittery Joe

It was easily the most expensive cup of coffee I've ever had - $10 for the coffee and $20 for the grinder. Thirty bucks for a cup of Joe is a little pricey in my book, so expectations were high for my morning brew.

I have never aspired to own a coffee grinder, because I figure it's the slippery slope to the twitchy, over-caffeinated underbelly of America. First I grind a few beans in the morning, then I take my grinder to work, then I trade in my regular-sized coffee cup for something that would be better described as a coffee bucket, then I'm late for every meeting because I'm refilling - I mean refueling - my bucket with the sweet, sweet nectar of the coffee gods.

Since I already had the beans, I figured I may as well buy the grinder. With the proceeds from the coffee going to Jittery Joe's Cycling Team, I'm supporting a good cause. A grinder means more beans. More beans equals more support. This isn't the start of a beautiful addiction, but charity work. I'm not selling my soul; I'm doing a good deed. I could rebuild a house destroyed by Katrina....or I could buy a coffee grinder. Same thing, really.

My grinder came with a cord so short I figure it was either done purely for the amusement of the fine folks at Mr. Coffee or it's crucial you're very close to the outlet to get a proper grind. I had to do a little rearranging to find some space close to an outlet. It's nowhere near the coffee maker, but it will have to do. Ten seconds later I had fresh ground coffee and my kitchen was filled with the sweet aroma of 'Morning Ride.'

I typically only have one cup of Joe in the morning, but not today. Today I had two. I usually add some Stevia or Sweet-N-Low and some Coffee Mate, but today I wanted to taste the beans as they were meant to be...black. And it was oh so good.

Now that I'm jacked up on some fresh brew, I've given it some thought and I take back what I said. The coffee grinder isn't the slippery slope. That's silly. It's just good, clean fun. The french press is the slippery slope. The french press is like cocaine. Buy a french press and it's all over. But a coffee grinder...it's just a great "pot" of coffee.

Do yourself a favor and buy a grinder and some Jittery Joe's. You won't regret it. You get a great cup of Joe and you get to support professional cycling. It's just like charity work. Support The Bean Team.

Come on. Don't cha wanna be cool?

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