Time Trial Tuesday

I haven't done a time trial in a long time, and I kind of enjoy them so I decided to make Tuesdays time trial day.

I mapped out a great TT route that's flat, smo
oth and not too far from work so I can ride out there, do a TT and make it back in an hour. The route is about a 4.5 mile loop. I do 3 laps, so the total TT comes to 13.4 miles - a 21.5 K time trial.

There was a pretty strong southerly wind so it was hard work on the way down Mulcher, but Seminole was very fast. I wasn't sure what to expect for average watts since I haven't done a TT in a while, but I was hoping for a 280 average, and that's exactly what I ended with. 280 watts, 33:10, 24.2 mph average. A good ride, for sure. I'm really happy with those numbers.

It will be interesting to see how my speed varies on this route when conditions are different. Yesterday and windy and very hot (about 90). I'm going to give it another try next Tuesday and I'm hoping it's not windy so I can see how that changes my average speed. Here's a picture of Mulcher Rd (Seminole is the same). A few small, rolling hills, but otherwise very flat and very fast...

Health Risk Assessment: I had my annual health risk assessment at work the other day, and everything was really good except for one thing...blood pressure. High blood pressure runs in the family, and so far I've avoided it, but now all of a sudden it's jumped up considerably - this could explain the chest pain. I don't know if this was avoidable or not, but this has been a very stressful year at work and I'm starting to wonder if that's what's causing this. I don't want to get into it, but for the past few months the only thing I've enjoyed at work is lunch time.

Now I need to make an appointment with my doc and see if we can figure out what the problem is and, more importantly, the cure.

As one of the reps I work with always says, "if it isn't one thing, it's another."

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bigmike600 said...

That road looks pretty flat and fast. For HBP they will probably just put you on some pills. No big deal. You should take an adult low dose aspirin every day too. Supposedly that's helpful too. I'm not a doctor and I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express either so I'm not sure how much my advice is worth.
Give me a shout if the aquathon gets cancelled (unless you are not doing it). I'm a little nervous about the water quality. We were up in Madison on Tuesday and Lake Monona looked like crap.
About the work stress, don't let it get to you. It's your job and not your life. Clock in, do what the man says, and get the hell out of there and onto training.
See you around.