2015 in pictures

A little different from my usual posts, here are some pics from my year....

I bought a new truck.

3 weeks after buying my truck, someone backed into it.  $500 that cost me.

I raced the San Juan 70.3 in March.  I'd love to go back and do that race again.

Puerto Rico.  This guy followed me around.  Orange cats...always the orange ones.

Speaking of orange cats, Calvin's highlight this year was proving he's not worthless by catching and killing a vole in the basement (and bringing it upstairs, of course, to play with it).

The Awake the Grapes 5K on Memorial Day weekend in MN.  It was cold, but we did well and both won our age groups. 

My dad loved to fish.  I never went with him as an adult.  We were planning on going but he was too sick to go so I took his pole and caught a fish for him.  I will forever claim that fish was much bigger than it actually was.

My dad put up a good fight, but unfortunately his battle ended on June 9, 2015.

I love summer.  I took this on my way home from an evening ride.

I spent way too much money on wetsuits this year.  The Orca 3.8 was the winner.

Devil's Lake swim.

I finally got to be part of a Door County Half Iron relay team.  It was fun and I'd love to do it again.  I think I can ride better than I did that day. 

I bought new shoes the day before a half ironman.  1/2 size too small (oops).  I wore them anyway....because I'm stupid.

While I went slower than ever before, Courtney went faster than ever before.  Lots of PRs for her this year.

The Clean Lakes Swim.


2015 Volume in miles.

Here's to 2016 being better than 2015.

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