Double Du Weekend: Delafield Du Race Report

Last year I did my double du weekend where I did the Beloit Duathlon and the Delafield Duathlon on back to back days.  I was very consistent with my duathlon finishes last year.  2nd overall in every one I did.  After grabbing the win at the final Beloit Du, I was hoping I could back that up on Sunday at the Delafield du.

This race was a 3.1 mile run, 16 mile bike, 3.1 mile bike so a little longer than Beloit.  I wasn't sure how my legs would respond so I tried to go out a little on the easy side and build into it.  I was in the third wave and ran in 3rd place for about half the run before moving to the lead in my wave.      

Heading out on the bike.

The bike went well. I managed a little over 20 watts more than last year, although my average speed was the same since it was windier this year. I managed to reel in the leader from the first wave and pull a bit of a gap before reaching T2.

Having caught the leader from the first wave, I came into T2 with a decent lead. I managed to hold on for the overall win, so it was a successful double du weekend.  Unfortunately, with Beloit calling it quits I won't be able to do this challenge again next year.  

This event was extra special because I got to race with two athletes I'm coaching.   

Me and Cristian, who had a great day and got an AG award.

Me and Michelle, who also had a good day and finished 2nd overall female.


This weekend I'm heading down to Kansas for the 70.3.  It should be an interesting weekend.  I've never done this race, and it will be my first time traveling to a triathlon alone.  Courtney usually goes with me, but she's at a music festival with her family this weekend.  That left me and my parents, and that fell apart when we found out my dad has cancer.   

It is what it is.

My Team USA kit arrived today.  Worlds is less than 3 months away.


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