Race Report: Crazylegs Classic 8K

This past Saturday was the Crazylegs Classic 8K.  Back in 2008, I ran the race in 32:40 and then set two goals - break 30 minutes and get into the top 100 overall.  I've been working on those goals since.

My training has gone really well this year so I felt like I had a good chance.  I also figured, with my 40th birthday later this year, I better get the job done soon because I'm not getting any younger and this isn't going to get any easier. 

It seems this race always has bad weather - cold, windy and rainy - but not this year.  It was sunny, warm and winds were about 10 mph.  Perfect.  No excuses.

The first mile is mostly downhill so my plan was to run that a little faster than goal pace figuring the effort level would be the same.  Then you hit Observatory hill, which is tough and definitely costs some time.  I was hoping to hit the end of Observatory with my average right at a 6 minute pace.  Then I planned on settling in and trying to run just a tad faster than goal pace because the last mile and a half has some rollers and is uphill and it's hard to maintain pace.

Everything went (mostly) according to plan.  I crossed the one mile mark at a 5:50 pace and finished Observatory with an average pace of 5:57.  Right on target. I pushed the pace the next couple of miles and my overall average pace was about 5:53 with two miles left.  I started fading a bit, and the final mile was well off pace.  I just couldn't hold a sub-6 pace anymore and ran about a 6:07 pace for the final mile.  My overall average pace according to my Garmin was 5:58, which would be a sub-30 8K...except I finished in 30:10 with a distance of 5.06.  So no sub-30 again.  10 seconds short.

I know others that had more than 5 miles too so it appears the course may be a tad long.  But it's the same course every year so the goal remains the same.  I'll need to target a 5:55 average pace or better for next year.  

I did manage to crack the top 100 finishing in 93rd place so I get to check that goal off the list.  Unfortunately, the one I really wanted was sub-30.  It's disappointing not to hit that goal, but I did PR and continue my trend of improving at this race.  

2008 - 32:40
2009 - 32:01
2010 - 31:02
2011 - Injured - did the walk
2012 - Injured 
2013 - 30:36
2014 - 30:10

That progression leads me to believe I should (finally) break 30 minutes next year.  So my goal carries forward again.

As I've said many times after this race....Next Year!

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Unknown said...

Mike congrats on your PR in your 40th year. You have plenty of time on the clock to break 30. I had my PR at age 50 although not anywhere near you @ 39.23. Love that new bike as well!