Race Report: Janesville Triathlon

If you read my last two posts, you probably know this race didn't end that well.  The race was July 7, three days after my attempt at a 112 mile TT in 100 degree heat.  The heat wave continued longer than expected.  It was supposed to end the day before the race, but lasted one day longer than forecasted so highs on race day were approaching 100.  When I got up at 4am, it was already 80 and very humid.

Last year I had a good battle for 2nd with my teammate at the time, Robbie.  I expected him to be there again this year and  figured since the winner was from Texas it might be me and Robbie battling for the win.  When we got there I registered and got transition set up and then heard the good/bad news.  It was wetsuit legal.  Robbie is a really good swimmer, so a wetsuit legal swim cuts his advantage down a little.  But with temps forecasted for 100, I didn't want to wear my wetsuit.  I knew I had to wear my wetsuit if I wanted a shot at the overall.  Plus, Robbie was wearing his.  If I didn't wear mine, I would have given him 2-3 minutes on the swim.  Race over. 

Swim: 10:58

Janesville is a river swim so it's a time trial start.  The line formed early so I was stuck in the middle.  Robbie was at the very front of the line where I wanted to be.  There isn't a lot to say about the swim.  I swam well and set one of the faster times of the day.  Most people opted not to wear a wetsuit so I expected to have one of the faster times. I lost a little over a minute to Robbie.  

The line for the swim.

I'm one of the few in a wetsuit.

The bike is the big difference between me and Robbie.  What he gains in the swim, I take back on the bike...sometimes more.  We're fairly even on the run.  It makes for a good race.

Bike: 35:09 (23.9 mph)

Last year I really struggled on the bike in Janesville so I was determined to have a better day.  I started out a little on the conservative side and built into race power over the first 5 minutes.  I felt much stronger than last year and my power was more in line with what I typically ride at a sprint tri.  I faded a bit on the second half, but I think that had more to do with the heat than anything.  I made up some ground and tried to catch Robbie but couldn't.  He rode well, and had a good-sized lead with his strong swim and head start by making it to the front of the line for the swim.

As I approached transition, I saw Robbie already out on the run.  Being a TT start, it's hard to say if he still had a lead or if we were even.  I figured it was close.  I needed a good run.

Run:  20:50 (6:43 pace)

The run was really tough.  I pushed hard but couldn't get moving.  I can usually get up to pace, even if I can't hold it, but I couldn't even do that.  I felt like I was running low 6s early on but my watch said 6:30, then 6:31, then 6:32.  

On the second half of the run, I felt weak and tired, like my legs were going to buckle under me and I was going to collapse.  I continued to push and told myself to focus and get this over with.  I knew I wasn't running well, my pace was now around 7, but with the heat I had no idea how Robbie was running.  Maybe he felt the same way.  

I crossed the finish line with a time good enough for second overall and first in my age group.  I had set the fastest bike split and made up the time I lost to Robbie in the swim, but he out-ran me by more than a minute and took the win.  This is the third year in a row I've taken second overall.  Janesville was my first triathlon ever and I've been trying to win the overall for the past three years so it was disappointing to come up short again. Next year.

I'm trying to pretend I'm fine.

Post race was rough.  I was dizzy and nauseous.  They had some showers set up and I tried to cool off but it didn't help.  I took in water but that came back up right away.  After about 15 minutes of not recovering I finally talked to the medical team.  I ended up getting an IV - two bags.  

Aaaaaahhhhh.....Courtney loves this picture.  She giggles like a schoolgirl when she sees it.

Still showering...

Yeah....still there.

After some showering and vomitting....

IV time.

Me with my AG award after the IV.  Check out my arm.

I'm sure I went into the race dehydrated because an hour isn't enough time to dehydrate yourself.  Lesson learned (I hope). 

My post race plan was to hang out in the pool at my parent's house and then ride my bike back to Madison (50 miles).  Courtney argued that I shouldn't bike because I needed an IV after the race.  I argued that I should bike because I got an IV after the race.  Clearly, I was no longer dehydrated.  Eventually common sense (aka Courtney) won and I scrapped the ride.  It was for the best because I think it would have been a zombie ride.  Even after the IV, I was drained. 

I'm getting caught up on my race reports.  I've got one more sprint tri report and the second Janesville aquathon report to post.  Things began to turn around.   


Jon said...

Confirmation that you left it all out in the course: IV in the arm.

Great job!

Next year! NEXT YEAR!!!

Ransick said...

Congrats on 2nd overall! Smart move skipping the 50 mile zombie ride. That third pic of you in the shower says it all. You needed sleep along with hydration.

Unknown said...

Impressive. Enjoyed your blog. Good luck with your goal, which btw, I share. Keep it up & happy trails.

Anonymous said...

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