In 12 hours I'll be racing my second half ironman of 2012.  I did this race back in 2010 but the park the race was at is under construction and they had to move the race so the course is new.

This is a small race with just a couple hundred people doing the half.  I kind of enjoy halfs like that.  It's low key, packet pick up takes 2 minutes and you don't really have to worry about people drafting on the bike.  I'm sure it happens, but with a small field most people get strung out.

After Galveston, I had the best 4-week training block of my life.  I put in some big bike volume and set some PRs.  My swim was decent, and I took a little time off running to let my knee heal and then worked on rebuilding my base. I made a lot of progress with my knee and it's feeling stronger than it has in 15 months.

Unfortunately, the past 2-2.5 weeks of training haven't been the best.  Not terrible, but not quite what I wanted leading into the race.  Last weekend I moved and that meant a couple of days with little training.  Somehow during the move, I tweaked my right hip flexor.  It's not real bad, but it forced me into a couple of rest days this week.  I'm a little worried about it tomorrow, but I did a warm up workout this morning and it felt pretty decent so I think I might be good to go.

I've had a lot more rest coming into this race than I'm used to.  This should make for an interesting experiment to see if the extra rest makes for a good or bad race.  I tend to feel sluggish after a rest day but I've had a couple of rest days this week and the other days were very easy so I don't really know what to expect.  If I have a great race I may consider resting more leading into key races.

Tomorrow's plan remains the same - race hard, take risks, put everything out there and shoot for a breakthrough.  If I blow up, I blow up.  


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