Ever have a really good streak going when suddenly it feels like everything is working against you to stop that streak?  That's how I feel today.

With my torn tendon keeping me from running, I figured the time is right to work on my swim (and bike, but I always feel the time is right for that).  So I decided that the best way to improve is to swim a lot, but my focus is more on frequency than total volume.  I run at lunch nearly every day, so now instead I'm swimming at lunch a few times per week.  I only have time for 1200-1800 yards, but that can still be a decent workout.  

I started swimming every day, and then decided to see how long I can keep that streak going.  The first seven days were easy, and then the road blocks started popping up.  The first one was a big one.  Easter.  I discovered the Y is closed on Sunday.  I could go to Gold's Gym, but that one swim workout will probably cost me $15.  That's a little steep for one hour, if you ask me.  A streak is great, but I'm not sure this one is worth $15 to me when I already pay for pool access. 

So I decided the streak would end at 8 days.  I would get in a good, hard swim Saturday and a short bike, then Sunday would be a long bike and no swimming.  A new swim streak would start on Monday with a good, hard swim.  Not so bad.

This morning, my plan was to swim early, then meet my parents to pick up their truck (I'm moving) so I could move some furniture.  Then later in the day I would go for a short ride, then move some more.  I got up, made breakfast and then realized the West Y had lessons most of the morning and I wouldn't have time to get in my swim before I had to meet my parents.  Change of plans.  I'll move some stuff, meet my parents, move a few more things, swim, move, ride, move.  Busy day, but that's how it goes when you're moving.

It wasn't until late afternoon when I finally found time to go to the Sun Prairie Y (my favorite of the 3 YMCAs in the area).  I was exhausted and not in the mood to swim, but the streak must continue for one more day.  I mustered up the motivation, got to the pool, got in the water and began my warm up.   I felt really smooth and was focusing on swimming easy (I'm working on easier warm ups to save my energy for the main set) with good form.  I got in 50 yards when I noticed the life guard was trying to get my attention.

Some kid dropped a deuce in the pool and they had to clear everyone out of the water.  I admit my first thought was to ask if i could just squeeze in another 3050 yards before getting out of the water.  I swim in the lakes all summer where I have to deal with the geese.  If you know how I feel about birds, you know I'd much rather deal with a turd than geese.  It's not like the kid had diarrhea and there was a brown cloud floating around the pool.  It was just a turd.  Fish it out of there and let's get our workouts in.

Unfortunately, prior to this workout I had decided only a workout of 1000 yards or more counts so 50 wasn't good enough to keep the streak alive.  I went home contemplating what to do.  It's getting late and I still have to swim, bike and do some more moving.  How was I going to fit it all in?

My options were to try one more time at the East or West Y to swim and maybe go for a really short bike or scrap the ride altogether since I was heading out for a long ride in the  morning.  Courtney asked, "what if you take a rest day and just spend the whole day moving?  A moving day."

"Rest day?  I don't understand."

When you have torn tendons in your knee, rest days are rarely a bad idea.  However, I have decided to scrap the ride and go to the pool....then do a little more moving.  *sigh*  Moving sucks.  

I'm going streaking! 

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Matthew Smith said...

What an ordeal to just get some swimming in! It sound like you had a crazy day. I hope that tendon heals up fast or the kids stop pooping in the pool!