Random pictures

I've got some pictures and videos I haven't had a chance to post yet, so I thought I'd do that today.

Janesville Triathlon:

 This man has a serious dedication to event timing.  I respect that.

 Well.....that's one way to start your race.

 No comment.

 Someone had to do it.

I bet he does a good high wire routine.

 The new Trek Speed Concept.

Door County

 The Wolfgram family is drawn to navy blue raincoats.  When it started raining we pulled out our raincoats and Courtney started giggling like a schoolgirl when she saw we all had the same coat.

Before the start.

Running through Egg Harbor just past the halfway point of the run.

At the top of the first killer climb.  It sucked.

Lastly, this is one I found online but it's probably the best finish line photo ever...


Tri-ing for Children race report tomorrow.  It was, well, things didn't really go my way.

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