Doing a Wolfgram

One of my co-workers rode his bike to work the other day, then rode home and threw his bike on the trainer and rode some more and he was accused of "doing of Wolfgram." I'm not sure if I've ever rode my bike home from work and then put it on the trainer, but I would.

I'm not sure exactly what qualifies, but I may have done a Wolfgram today. I rode my bike to work for the first time this year, then I rode at lunch, then I rode home, then I rode out Paoli and back, then I changed into my running gear and ran 5.5 miles.

This was my second brick of the year, and it was a tough one. I wanted to push hard on this one and go at about 90% effort. The bike was pretty tough because of the wind and the 26 miles I had already ridden today. My legs were feeling it....and, of course, the headwind was on the way home...as always.

The run went surprisingly well. With my legs being tired toward the end of the bike, I thought I was going to struggle through the run but I got into a rhythm and enjoyed the run. I've really been enjoying running lately. I'm getting hooked.

Here's how dumb I am: I had this brick workout planned and knew it was going to be tough so what do I do? I asked a few of my co-workers - who happen to be very good cyclists - if they want to ride out to Paoli and back at lunch tomorrow since there's snow on the way Friday and it's going to be 46 degrees tomorrow. They're up for the ride, but now I'm thinking I just set myself up for a beating. I got in a total of 44 miles today including my commute and I ran 5.5 miles. Tomorrow morning I'm going to get up and run another 5 miles, then bike to work and try to hang with those guys at lunch...which is going to be a challenge. Then I'll ride home and go to the pool. Does that count as a Wolfgram? Two Wolfgrams two days in a row? Good thing Friday is an easy day.

Today, Cheri did her first speed workout on the treadmill. I came up with an interval run for her to do that had a few striders at the end. I tried to make the workout tough, but not an all out beating. I was confident she could hit the times, but she was skeptical. She hit all the pace zones and said the workout wasn't as tough as she thought it was going to be. It was tough, but not brutal, which I was really happy to hear because I've never come up with an interval workout for someone else to do. I know what pace zones I can run, but it's tough figuring that out for someone else.

Her running has been coming along really well, and she's starting to enjoy it a lot. Mainly, because she learning that you don't need to run hard all the time and it's okay to go out and run at a comfortable pace...and you can actually get faster doing that. She'll be doing her longest run ever this weekend - 8 miles. Here's hoping it goes well....

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Burrito Eater said...

No, those days aren't pulling a Wolfgram, those are solid Ironman training days. All outside and everything! Doing a couple back to back will really help you in the long run. I know you pulled one Wolfgram this week but I am guessing that will wait for another of your blog posts.

And don't worry, it could be worse, at least you aren't pulling a "Dennis".